Bio-Resonance Signature Branding
Branding - the Smart way.
The smart technology that broadcasts your Brand with Intentionality and Purpose that are instantly apparent, with the touch of a button!
 Why Bio-Resonance Branding ?

Broadcast your Brand with Intentionality and Purpose that are instantly apparent.


​We live in a world of energy.

Everything oscillates at its own unique wavelength. Everything has a unique frequency pattern. Each business has a unique frequency signature and an individual has a unique frequency pattern.

These unique frequency patterns are energetic broadcasts of information.

Bio-resonance Information Technology distills your Brand Ideal or Intention and enhances your core internal organizing principle. This has a tremendous impact on your organization's alignment as well as the behavior, satisfaction, and retention of its employees.

Our Information Bio-resonance Technologies refine your developmental blueprint or enhance an energetic structure already in place, and broadcasts your message to the world.

Your physical business structure can unfurl, opening up the possibility of creating an energetic presence for a brand, even ahead of its launch. 

What are the parameters of creating this foundational Broadcast?

​Bio-Resonance Signature Branding initiates with the establishing of your clear and coherent  brand intention.That intention is then interpreted for the Essence Branding Bio-resonance Program as an algorithm.

Using the principle of resonance, the Program is able to identify any stress which is creating incoherence and then offer a series of balancing frequencies to dissolve the stress and enable a coherent frequency to emerge. ​

Engaging the Bio-Resonance Signature Branding is like commissioning a bespoke perfume. Much like a subtle signature scent, Bio-resonance makes your brand memorable. A Brand Sense which announces your arrival and lingers as a reminder of your presence. 

The Program we create for you operates at a frequency level beyond the current perception of our five senses. It creates an energetic signature in the same way a perfume creates an olfactory signature.

To create your signature frequency, Jeanette spends time with a client investigating their preferences, potentially refining cultural language through Clear Speak™ and distilling Intention. Once this is clarified, it is translated into the Bio-resonance Program. The Program has a library of over 90,000 frequencies from which individual frequencies can be selected.


Behind every physical structure, there is an energetic one and this selection is masterminded by an individual's or Brand’s energetic self, creating a unique composite frequency which is a perfect match for the individual or Brand. The effect is to create a strong, authentic energetic brand to underpin an individual's personal brand.

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Why choose The Planet Philterz  Aromatherapy Systems?


  • Over 4,000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians and Indian cultures used aroma-therapy as a healing art. Derived from aromatic plants and trees, each essential oil has specific therapeutic and energetic balancing properties.

  • The body and its chakras benefit from absorbing the unique “color, gem and sonic-coded composition of the selected essential oil. As well each oil has its own fragrance and directly stimulates the limbic system (the emotional force of the brain) via the sense of smell.

  • Your skin is your largest organ and therefore when oils are applied to your skin it acts as a sieve or sponge. It is believed to take less than 12 seconds for the oils to enter the blood stream and be carried throughout the body by the circulatory system. It is also noted in vedic sciences, that essential oils capture the very life force of a plant.

  •  Essential oils can be explored to treat a variety of symptoms without the inconvenience of side effects. The positive effect of aromatherapy on your mind, body & spirit can be enhanced by understanding each oil’s color, sound, gems and chakra connection.

Jeanette Wolfe N.D.

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