Science Meets Spirit:


Jeanette Wolfe is a world-class facilitator and transformation catalyst. 

As scholar, philosopher and researcher in Human Capacities propelled by her unique health experiences, Jeanette is noted for her ability to combine her vast knowledge of history, noticings on culture, new science, information medicine, spirituality and human development into her service. Jeanette shares her inter-disciplinary awarenesses in a matter of fact heartfelt presence and with gentle humor.

Her clients expand exponentially as she shares time and space with them.

Always.   All ways.​

However expanded as an individual is in their personal or, their spiritual development, Jeanette has the clear and neutral vision to facilitate the next level of their infinite potential. She supports their own remembering of who they truly are and assists them in applying that knowing to their life experience. She stands quietly in witness and counsel behind the scenes to numerous global leaders.

Those who connect with Jeanette, even in passing, share that in their encounter with her, their personal awareness grows and they experience significant shifts, almost immediately within their lives.

Jeanette’s “meta-human” quality is something that comes naturally to her now, sparked by her experiences in repeated present moment awareness requirement simply to exist … it's a neutral flow that she offers with a very real impact and frequently life-altering for those who happen to experience it. 

Jeanette activates you.

Wherever you are on your journey, to connect with Jeanette is the space of full responsibility, full engagement and commitment to being the vastness of all that you are.


Knowing that your life was about to become everything you you ever dreamed of and beyond, what would you do right now to prepare yourself?


This is the space of conscious creation that Jeanette inspires you to connect with. 

Are You ready for your activation process?  

"In this world of the politics of expediency, religion of materialism and, the glorification of greed, there can be the still certain voice heard from someone like Jeanette, that can ring through to a soul from her world-soul--to listen, and give up our conditioned view of the world and follow the visionary adventure she inspires us to become one with...this is the true challenge of contemporary times...not just for us, but, mankind. 

Jeanette reminds and returns us to the power of  JOY through Intention. "

~Jim C.

C-Suite has been known to refer to a corporation's top senior executives as their' titles tend to start with the letter C. ​

In sitting with Jeanette you will come to know C-Suite in it's most powerfully authentic essence as Creator Suite. ​

To upgrade your life, you must upgrade and activate your operating system.

Current technologies and our natural human evolution are offering the definition of health in human form to shift from linear and remediation to circular, sustainable harmonic flow. If we were to attempt to define "health" as meta humans, Jeanette suggests that you consider shifting the word health to harmony, flow and whole.

Your heightened self-awareness coupled with Jeanette's empathic knowing and skill sets,create a space of miraculous creation. Are you ready to check into your Creator Suite and know your Quantum Body? ​



We invite you to:


Sensory Marketing

Research shows that consumers are enticed into buying a product before they ever experience it simply due to their perception of the sensory experience.Humans naturally weave emotional associations to places and things. That's why intelligent designers create sensory appeal through the psychodynamics of smell, symbolism, shapes, colors and the suggestion of sound or savory flavors for a full spectrum brand experience. ​

A sensory intelligent brand magnetizes your intention as you align the energy projected by your brand identity, by harnessing sensory teamwork.

According to Quantum physics, the way you perceive things can actually change them. Research shows humans "listen" to scent! Integrated SensoryMarketing: refines your sensing, smelling and tasting of the sound signature frequencies of your brand, your space and offer primal sensory harmony. A change in perspective is powerful new reference point. This is what Jeanette masterfully offers you. ​ ​ ​


Are you ready to upgrade your software? ​

Jeanette Wolfe, ND supports individuals, corporate groups and the development of their Spaces through the study of human behaviors and their interaction within an environment.

​Her Sensory Micro Ergonomic studies examine the structures, processes, changes and perceived issues of a given area.

Bio-resonance tools accelerate the coherence of your space. ​ ​

The result is in the lasting effects, and the process is significantly more comprehensive.

Bio-Resonance Technology with CLEAR SPEAK™ Methodology sets the cornerstones of presence as the first step in your mental software upgrades in creating and constructing your experience as author and authority of your life. CLEAR SPEAK™ coupled with Bio-Resonance Signature Branding Technology offers you the ability to distill clear and coherent Intentional mission and vision statements which provide accelerated trajectory propelling your brand to greater now moment manifestation.


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Creator Suite

Your Activation Process

Essence Branding


Information Technology

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Your Creator Suite of Self-Awareness, Potentials, Possibilities & Probabilities

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Jeanette Wolfe N.D.
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