Quantum Body Optimization Science:
 Form and Spirit as ONE

Through Planet Apothecary, Jeanette 

offers you leading edge  technologies and resources as catalysts for your New Human experience and Quantum health.


The information science of

Bio-Resonance technology combined with Jeanette's empathic skills educates you in accessing the unlimited potential  of your human body. 

"Current technologies and our natural human evolution are offering the definition of health in human form to shift from linear and remediation to circular, sustainable harmonic flow. If we were to attempt to define "health" as meta humans, consider shifting the word health to harmony, flow and Whole Being™ . " JW

​Quantum Health Training and Technology 

This is a highly specialized program which activates your ability to consistently tap into that transcendent place where your absolute best performance is available to you and access a higher level of ability and performance physically, cognitively, emotionally, affectively.


You access Meta human. 

Just as static electricity can make your hair stand on end, thoughts and emotions create measurable changes in the physical body. 


Things that create internal distress, can result in measurable changes in heart rate, breathing, muscle tension, the endocrine system and mood chemicals of the brain and many other physical parameters.


Life Lab, body intelligence optimization programs and technologies assess the presence of such distress as it relates to your presenting perceived problem and provides a means of alignment to harmonic flow through a series of biofeedback frequencies that  support your original blueprint.

Jeanette's Life Lab encompasses years of counseling leaders from around the world and observing the cultures and groups who have been pivotal in accomplishing notable shifts in their thinking and policies.

Over more than two decades,  Jeanette has mentored some the finest thinkers on the planet in their creation of their experience -meaningful living.


It comes from a lifetime of studying the mind-body-spirit connectivity in humans, and the hidden capacities of the human potential. ​

Jeanette's work references the latest discoveries of science, and integrates them with her extensive knowledge of ancient, esoteric and modern philosophy, creating holistic observations on intention, timing, action and creation, all of which benefits you and your communities.

Her Intentional Studies coupled with Bioresonance technology result in a perspective which recognizes your individuation and educates and mentors you in fine tuning your masterful vast experience of self. 


You discover how to actively inform your form. 

Jeanette Wolfe N.D.


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