Supporting Our Next Generation

and the Internet of Conscious Education


The Planet PODZ

educates and empowers children, their caregivers and educators with the tools to create a whole

and balanced life.


The gift of WholeBeing™

is what we share with

the Planet.


The purpose of The Planet PODZ is in creating a motivating, self sustaining and healthy lifestyle for all children.


It is our goal to bring confidence and inspiration to the art and commitment of creating a harmonious family life and in investing in our children and our future.


Whole Health

for Mind, Body and Spirit





Every generation brings with it templates of new information, energy, and awareness that could not be fully integrated by the generation before them.

Every generation brings their own new language, new styles and new technology and a new focus for humanity.

They are collectively conscious of who they are, their passions, and what they have come to offer humanity than any previous generation.

They have a collective human capacity to...

  • See through the illusion of conditioned physical experience.

  • Breakthrough these limitations by having intermittent experiences of more subtle realities.

  • Function from the frequency of love versus the mental perception of love.

  • Allow processing through the heart versus mind.

  • Experience new relationship to time.

  • Value subtle domain information and influences in relationship to physical domain experiences.

  • Create change at a subtle level of awareness versus through physical discomfort and disease.

Jeanette Wolfe N.D.

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