Partners in Breath and Living Sustainability

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We at Planet Apothecary are inspired to donate the planting of a tree for every Quantum or Chakra Scent™ Bundle purchase through our partnership with

Please add your breath to ours to re inspire deep breathing and respiration, to restore, revitalize,

re-oxygenate and root our

future generation.


Give the gift of healing breath.

Join us in donating trees for human friends in need of healing breath, your fur babies and your global neighborhood, for the love of this planet and its breathing beings.

•Our National Forests and Grasslands provide our country with 193 million spectacular acres of wildlands.

•Scenic byways, trails, rivers, campgrounds and natural pools to swim in. Timber, oil, minerals, grazing lands, & other natural resources add to the recreational values these public lands provide.

•Water is perhaps the single most important resource our National Forest and Grasslands provide.

•U.S. Congress “Organic Act” included the “securing favorable conditions of water flows” as a foundation of its mission.

•Today, that mission is more relevant than it’s ever been.

•More than 3,000 communities, serving millions of Americans, get their drinking water from watersheds contained within National Forests and Grasslands.

•From major cities to small towns that border forest boundaries, the role our National Forests play in providing water is paramount to community health and prosperity.

Jeanette Wolfe N.D.

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