Parkmerced is the recipient of the prestigious American Institute of Architecture (AIA) award for Urban Design in 2013 for the project’s innovative long-term development design creating the largest carbon net neutral community.

With 5,000 existing units and over 7,000 units in the development pipeline, Maximus has a deeply sophisticated and environmentally innovative approach that has positioned the company to revolutionize the urban community experience. Parkmerced is ever evolving the vision of Whole Living.


Jeanette Wolfe and Planet Apothecary Life Lab support the development of multi-dimensional sustainable human communities within the harmonious and balanced built environment of Parkmerced.


Case Studies on site consistently display the theory that, as intention is articulated and applied by a group of clear and self-sustaining individuals, it creates coherent, cyclical, sustainable union.

Frequency creates the ultimate source of differentiation and therefore a blue ocean state and consciousness beyond competitive advantage.

Visionary Maximus leaders have anticipated this and are consciously choosing to invest in their brands, setting them as the luminal cornerstones of their flourishing business.

Rigorously tested, the combined target experiment applications of Jeanette's programs including:

  • CLEAR SPEAK™ Cultural Language Intention Project

  • Sensory Micro Ergonomic Studies

  • Bio Resonance Technology

show that under certain conditions, intention can be a source of excess Thermodynamic free energy and work and that scientific assumption that human qualities like focused, clear intention and articulation is now quantified in that it can impact/change a well-designed experiment.

Jeanette Wolfe N.D.

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