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In 2006 I was introduced to Dr. Jeanette Wolfe while managing Princeton Forrestal Village. The Village is a 720,000 square foot mixed use commercial asset located in Princeton New Jersey.

I engaged Dr. Wolfe and Planet Apothecary to create a series of non-traditional site reviews and identify specific elements for improvement. 

She consulted on landscaping, pedestrian traffic patterns, color selection and physical attributes that required attention. 

She consulted and trained staff to look at our physical environment in a different way and the transformations were amazing. ​


Building Staff:  

The change as a result of her consultation was extremely interesting. 

The non-traditional consideration for viewing the world a different way yielded amazing and tangible results.

  • Staffs energy to address everyday issue skyrocketed

  • Creative thinking and innovative solutions became the norm

  • Open communication and interactions normalized and increase productivity

  • Staffs individual or self-perception dramatically increased relative to their contributions

  • Customer service increased notably with a deepening relationship between our office Website vendors and tenants


Physical Conditions: Dr. Wolfe elevated our vision beyond that which was simply in front of us and seeking to fully understand physical aspect relative to energetic relationships we made a number of changes.

Landscaping:  We consulted on plant material and placements to optimize human interaction with nature. For less cost, and after her consultation, we would receive numerous compliments, emails, and phone calls.

Centers of Energy and negative pockets – Value Enhancement: 

Dr. Wolfe helped draw our attention to physical areas of opportunity and negativity. 

We used colors, plantings, and objects to enhance and direct interactions. 

We focused the development of a $6m dollar 8,000 square foot restaurant to a location not previously considered. 

After doing, we secured an incredibly successful tenant and significantly enhanced the value of the asset despite the prior 12 months of unsuccessful efforts. 

We also saw a dramatic increase in consumer appreciation and tenant activity.

​It is difficult to measure the dynamics of increased staff motivation, improved physical conditions, and non-traditional development, however, I can attest that the Village executed a difficult plan in a poor economy with great success. 

Jeanette centered our human interactions with the physical attributes of the property, undetectable yet transformative by results.


This was not a singular event or anomaly. 


Similar results occurred at the second asset I introduced her to Bronx Terminal Market which is a 1m square foot retail center in the Bronx near Yankee Stadium. The aspects of staff creativity and energy replayed itself at a larger building, tougher environment years apart. Amazing.


On a personal note, Dr. Wolfe has helped me understand the world in a different way. She has changed the way I think and reinforced my beliefs. She has had an immeasurable impact.

Fred Knapp ​

Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Operations

Related Management Company

Jeanette Wolfe N.D.

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